The best thing about the Bad Bellingen tournament is making a weekend of it and being able to enjoy a full dinner and several beverages after a full day out on the course.
Of course that makes it a tad more challenging the day after, especially for those who may have had a few more beverages than ideal to retain that perfect swing and may have shaved off a few hours of sleep…. however, if that was the case, it was certainly not evident!


Sunday turned out to be a perfect day for golf and a great reward for having endured a few days of not ‘ideal’ weather. Blue skies, upper twenties (celcius that is…) and a gentle breeze set the perfect scene for some impressive performances. Kappellenberg is a beautiful course, also relatively long like Quellenhof but blessed with fewer bunkers.


The day passed by smoothly, with an enjoyable break for a sandwich lunch and plentiful softdrinks to recharge the golfers at hole 12, being also the hole for the longest drive. Champion driver for the day in the men’s category was Tim with an impressive 283m drive which even outdrove the very talented 8 handicapper Alex who had claimed the stake in the ground until then … Well done Tim. Jenny took the female first place with an equally impressive drive down the middle of the fairway. Closest to the pin was won by Jürgen at 2.5m from the pin at hole 8.  Alas, the hole-in-one prize – a Raleigh electo-bike remains as yet unclaimed….


The day ended with a well deserved beer at the clubhouse with a welcomed plate of traditional German food: pork and potatoes. The group waited in eager in anticipation to hear the results of the day. With the weather as the lucky charm, Men’s brutto was won by Jay, scoring 24 brutto and 37 netto points – well done Jay. Jenny remained undefeated amongst the ladies and claimed first prize brutto with 17 brutto and 33netto points – great stuff.  And, with an impressive 45 net points, Peter reigned in the netto category managing to knock away a full 4.5 handicap points to a new handicap of 24.3.


What a great weekend of golf. Thanks as always to Nora for the great organisation as well as the sponsors and all involved in making the weekend possible.


Wow, already 4 tournaments down and only 3 to go. Time flies…. Enjoy the sunny days and see you in Steissligen.

Theresa Patricios, Hopefu Tiger 2013