The Emmental sun shined but who were the winners on the day – Round 2 2014

Emmental was the chosen spot for the second tournament of the season and proved to be a popular spot judging from the speed at which the number of registered participants grew with 58 golfers and 15 flights registered for the day.   I must be honest, the club is interesting – I would not have thought I would be welcomed by a Lidl supermarket shortly before turning into the parking area, not to mention an array of houses and cows. Certainly a unique spot for a golf course.

First tee off was at 9.40 with a three-ball leading the way, well stocked with 2 new golf balls and tees and an array of energy bars and some mini chocolates.  Ron, our loyal photographer snapped away at the groups before the 1st tee.  Our tee-off was a tad later which gave me time to hit a few balls at the range, also decked out in a modern fashion with metal booths.

Walking to the first tee, I was welcomed by a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. It was a warm sunny mid-morning and the hills shone green.  After a short informative briefing by the ranger Margreth reminding us of the holes with special prizes and the location of the pins on the green (always a useful tip!) our four-ball began promptly at the scheduled minute with true swiss precision.  It was not long into the game when we realised that this course was not only unique in its layout but offered that extra bit of exercise as we realised we had to ascend a number of steep inclines as we progressed from hole to hole. At least we could burn those chocolates!

 We were greeted at hole 8 by smiling faces and a spread of delicious sandwiches, fruits, more chocolates (and yes, there were more hills to climb on the back 9!). A few minutes to catch our breath and we were off…

Hole 13 was the course’s signature hole and opened to the heavens with a magnificent view across miles and held the prize for nearest to the pin which was won by Murray Sparks with 2.12m from the pin. My murphy’s law moment was when I connected a great drive on the 16th (longest drive) . Waiting in anticipation to see if I would pass the longest distance marker I was bewildered to see the ball fly solidly through the air and then smack bang into the marker! Oh dear…… suddenly casting my mind back to Newton’s third law of physics (one object exerting a force on another object receives an equal and opposite force… ) I realised that this freak event would probably cost me my prize… c’est la vie… but on approaching the fairway I was pleased to see my ball made it through the, despite the ‘knock’ 🙂 . Men’s longest drive was won by Dick with a solid distance of approximately 250m.

All in all, the day passed by very smoothly with great weather and an enjoyable game of golf. Nora, as always conducted a professional and well run prize giving with both existing and new sponsors helping to make the fun event even more worthwhile.  On the brutto side, Alison claimed, as usual, the first prize with an impressive 33 brutto points and 35 netto and Murray Sparks claimed men’s first prize with 32 brutto and 34 netto points. Jay Gilbert (aka the ‘pants man’) continues to follow a close second and came in at 27 brutto points. Special congrats to some of our high handicapper ladies who had a great round, with Heidi, Myriam and Marion coming in at 2nd, 3rd and 5th place in the netto HCP. Rainer had a brilliant day scoring an impressive 45 netto points and chopping down his handicap from 28.5 to 24.0 – well done!

Only the e-Rayleigh bike for the first hole-in-one of the season remained unclaimed…. perhaps in mid June at Bad Bellingen…

As always – Click on any of the photos to see the full album from the day

Theresa Patricios Hopeful Tiger 2014