Golf4Fun is happy to announce that JOPITI ARTWORK will be an official Sponsor of the Golf4Fun Tournament Series in 2014.

 Golf4Fun members who take part in the 2014 Golf4Fun Tournament Series have the opportunity to win one of four great prizes sponsored by JOPITI ARTWORK – their very own personalized unique once off Golf inspired painting. Here’s how it works:

 Step 1: Choose personal Golf photos/other photos of your choice.

Step 2: Choose you preferred colour scheme

Step 3: Sit back and wait for your golf inspired painting to be delivered.

Examples of previous commissions by Jopiti Artwork:


MY GAME, 9.2012


GOLFSET, 4.2013

 And not just the 4 lucky prizes winners at the tournaments have the opportunity to hang a personalized original JOPITI ARTWORK on their living room wall. All Golf4Fun members have the chance to have one of these great personalized acrylic on canvas works of art; check out the great “Partner Offer” from Florindo:

  Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, this is a unique gift for yourself or your loved ones!


 If you’ve ever wanted to hang your very own personalized Golf painting on your living room wall; Now is your chance!

Have your personal Golf painting made by JOPITI ARTWORK. Acrylic colours on canvas set up with your personal pictures.


Florindo Jopiti, JOPITI ARTWORK(

Born in 1961, Florindo currently lives close to Zurich, Switzerland. A keen golfer himself, Florindo has been playing Golf for 4 years; a “lefty” he is currently a member of gc Limpachtal, and sports an admirable handicap of 16.2.

 Prior to 1984 he attended various art courses at the University of South Western Louisiana, Lafayette, USA and then continued in his journey in the world of Art painting and drawing with a mentor up until 1995. Since then he has focused on other areas of his career.

His experiences in the “great” game have lead him to pair his experience in art with his experiences on the golf course to bring you this fantastic and unique opportunity.