Round 1 2016


The omens were definitely stacked against us for round one of the Golf4Fun 2016 tournament series. On the rain soaked Monday of April 18th the burning of the snowman in Zürich took a record 43.5 minutes before its head exploded,(it can take me considerably less time to achieve this feat at work — not literally, of course ), thus telling us mortals that we were in for a more cooler and less clement summer than normal.

This individual had since been attempting everything to divert the intended path of the jet stream, with acts such as discouraging family and friends from purchasing a season ticket for the local open air swimming pool due to open the same weekend and informing my nearest and dearest that under no circumstances should she wash her hair, although I drew a line at the goat`s blood and candle wax.


To ensure a fully prepared Tiger, family Martin set off for southern Germany and the hamlet of Steisslingen, on a bright Saturday morning and played 18 holes in surprisingly good conditions. The non-use of Timotei had won the day. We, as it transpired, were not the only Golf4Funners preparing conscientiously for Sunday`s extravaganza as we bumped into a number of acquaintances. The local hotel economy was definitely being supported and for any of you planning to do the same in the return meeting in July, it is recommended you book your bed for the night in good time. Specific ones I cannot mention as they have not gained sponsorship status –Yet! But a number of local hostelries are featured on the golf club website.

The forecast rain arrived at around 6.00 pm Saturday, with the weather gods creating a good imitation of a power shower. Thoughts of dining Al fresco on the restaurant terrace were quickly forgotten, but a thoroughly enjoyable evening was spent by those staying overnight.


The next morning arrived with the celestial water meter still running, and wet weather gear looked like the order of the day. After a hearty breakfast, we set off for the club arriving just after 9.00am. Checking in and paying my optimistic Euro 5 into the birdie pot, it was off to the range for a warm up.

With the first flight off at 10.00 am, it was heartening that the level of precipitation was starting to decline and at 10.05 am it stopped. I looked over to Nora, wondering what dark Celtic rituals had been performed at Golf Point Urdorf the night before, and why did Daniel have a smile on his face? Although to be fair the improved weather and the warm welcome received by all participants by the band of helpers, namely Dawn, Colette and Nata who were handing out the sponsors` goodies and supervising the mid- round snacks, had certainly brightened the mood.


Indeed, Nata had made our photographer sponsor Ron from Inner Image (nice photos Ron ! ) a very happy man, as they recently became man and wife. Golf4Fun members were signing a card of congratulations in the starter`s hut before, as well, adding some hard cash into an envelope, which was presented later to the happy couple at the Apéro.
10.08 am and time for my flight to join the fray. Whack!!Down the left hand side but on the fairway —and that was me!! Ending with a welcome five and I was up and running, which quickly developed into a walk and later a limp. As the round progressed I realised I was beginning to miss my gap wedge, recently purchased not 2 weeks before from the Golf Centre in Wallisellen. The Mizuno 56 deg, however, was lost somewhere on the links at Limpachtal a week earlier at a Golf4Fun friendly round that had been played in a deluge ( excuses, excuses).


Mid- round snack came round fast, and having consumed a very pleasant cheese and ham roll it was off to the back nine with the challenges of longest drive, hole in one and nearest the pin awaiting. Needless to say the Raleigh bike remains unclaimed, despite a far friendlier pin position. Longest drive went to our James and for the women Nicole ( of Stamford main sponser fame). The nearest the pin honour was bestowed on Andre. I managed to avoid any threat of contention in all three categories.

Being the second flight out we completed the 18 holes at quite a pace, but already the weather was beginning to close in and the mercury was falling , and by 5 o clock there were still around 4 groups still to come home. Suddenly the claxon sounded and the remaining Golf4Funners were shuttled in by course officials in buggies. Squally winds, hail, and lightening bought an early end to the competition, as well as an early end to some umbrellas. One of our members wanted to finish his round, but was thwarted by course officials, citing that his trousers were beginning to attract too much static, and the resultant aura was beginning to affect Wi Fi connectability.


With the shortened last rounds, it was decided that the competition as a whole would be based on the scores posted after the completion of 15 holes, which made my efforts look more embarrassing as I had managed to glean 7 points on the last 3 holes. But I only had myself to blame, and a few lessons from Golf Point Urdorf`s Pro, Kevin, might ensure a better result in Round 2 at Gams come June.

Apéro time, and the kitchen at Steisslingen did themselves proud, as always.


Today was a special day as Golf4Fun celebrated its fifth season and eight participants of the original tournament were present. One member Trevor who has played in each of the opening tournaments was drawn out of the hat and awarded a special hamper kindly donated by our Manuel from Neiss Bucher Architects GMBH.

There’s a lot coming up in the next few weeks, with the first round matches of the individual knockout to be played, Spring Break, with the return of “banana golf” and no doubt a resulting spike in the price of Grappa! And the Ryder Cup also just lurking around the corner.


Here’s hoping the predictions of the Snowman prove not to be totally correct, and that the weather experience of little Scotland becomes more Gran Canaria over the coming months.


Peter Martin, Hopeful Tiger 2016