Friendly Round Alsace Golf Links GC

Date: Sunday August 13th Starting Time: Flights of 4 persons. First flight starting 13:03pm. Max 8 persons Meeting Point: in the reception area of the club house, 30 mins before 1st tee time. Cost: Green fees for 18 holes and

A Fairytale (with some nightmares thrown in) – Rounds 3 and 4 debrief

Once upon a time ——- Well, the afternoon of July 1st 2016 to be precise, and having just battled the traffic beast that is the Gubrist tunnel, my golfing princess and I were heading north in our trusty carriage of

BAGS FULL OF FUN – 2015 Ryder Cup

This year’s Ryder Cup was to be competed for over the nine holes at Fricktal golf club in Aargau. A team from Basel, The Basel Baggers, taking on the 10 men and women from Golf4Fun. I had been fortunate enough

Ryder Cup Victory for the “Red Devils”

After a couple of months of feverish anticipation the day for our inaugural Ryder Day Cup against Chreis4 finally dawned. From earlier reports, our opposition were seasoned players who had already participated in two 3-Day Ryder Cups in Italy and

Round 4 – Valderrama a.k.a. the Teddy Bears Picnic

After enjoying the recent spell of unseasonably good weather it seemed appropriate that winter should return for the season’s finale of Indoor Golf, and so we moved inside to play 18 holes at sunny Valderrama. It would turn out to be

Ryder Cup Round 4 – and the leaderboard winner is…

All good and fun things must come to and end and so it is with our Indoor Ryder Cup for this year also. 8 joined for the challenge of Valderrama and whether it was fighting with the many tree lined