Yes indeed. The score cards completed, checked, and signed. And another wonderful round at Steisslingen is just a fond memory now, just like our first round there at the beginning of the season (where does the time go?).

It was a glorious day. Blue skies, warm temperatures, and smiling faces of all my fellow golfers. And who do we find at the first tee? Why Nora of course, who is making sure everyone gets some goodies, water, photo ops, and of course a hug while explaining a few rules about the game.

Off to the first tee we all go. Everyone watching us tee off and wondering if they will get to see any men get their first “Lady’s “on hole number one. I’m happy to report that I personally didn’t have to pay for a round on that first hole and actually didn’t have to hit a provisional either.

What I found a little different this round is my drives seemed to go much further. And how does the ball hit in front of the green and bounce completely over the green? Ahhh, it must be because we haven’t had any rain in the last two weeks and boy, does that make a difference.  All of a sudden I didn’t have to worry about hitting the fairway or green but, instead I was wondering if my ball would stop rolling through the fairways or greens. A golfer is never satisfied sometimes.

As the day went on it was fun joking with the other players on different fairways and comparing our stories of great accomplishments or the agony of defeat. It seemed everyone was having a great time until towards the end of the round. There were several people like me that were running out of energy and water towards the “valley” of 15-16-17. And then that uphill hike to 18 was about it for me. All I wanted to do is swing my club 3 more times to get on the 18th green because that is all I had left. Sadly, I used those 3 swings up hitting my ball out of bounds. So the round was officially over for me but had a smile on my face as I knew hole 19 was awaiting along with a nice cold shower!

As always, the gathering after the round and talking to everyone is really the best of what golf4fun group has to offer. It was great catching up with everyone and explaining why I haven’t been able to play the last few tournaments. Also it was fun to watch all the winners get their prizes with yet another photo op. It was another perfect tournament to be a part of and as always, a special thanks to Nora and her team and all the sponsors that are helping this year.

Hey, I have an idea, let’s doing it again on the 25 th of August at Emmental. I hope to see you all there!

John Seeger, Hopeful Tiger 2013!