The morning might have dawned cold and snowy but the golf4fun’ers still came to compete for the final four spaces in the 2013 Short Game championship as well as the great Raclette event at Golfpoint Urdorf yesterday.

Congratulations to Moreno, Daniel Koller and Seigi who qualified 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Peter Martin, already secured his place at the final in Round 1 so 4th place passed to Dawn Martin who unfortunately can’t join us on the 7th for the final. So 4th place finally came to rest with a tie between Jacques, Carlos and Corinne.

This means a “sudden death” playoff from starting at the slightly earlier time of 2:30pm next Saturday, before the final 8 do battle on the challenging Short Game course at Golfpoint Urdorf.

Golf over for the day, we settled in the for the 2nd Raclette event with Daniel – again Great Cheese!