No big stick, but plenty of carrots….

Round 7 2015

September, and FedEx cup time for the big boys across the pond, and the ladies of Europe were doing battle against their American counterparts in the Solheim cup just down the road this very weekend. Whilst we were not playing for the winner’s haul of some USD 10 million in the US or for international glory in Germany, there were 2 one week holiday breaks up for grabs at the fully inclusive (and I mean fully inclusive!!) Maxx Royal Hotel in Belek, courtesy of Golf Turkey, as well as a bundle of other prizes.


In an attempt to stem the haemorrhaging of lost golf balls this season courtesy of my Taylor Made R7 Draw driver I made the decision to leave the big stick at home, and so on a slightly damp Sunday morning Dawn and I set off early for the 50 minute drive. Sure enough as we approached the turn off to Waldkirch, the dark clouds that had been threatening parted and rays of sunshine pierced through the gloom to announce the arrival of the O`Sullivan high.

I was beginning to feel slightly overdressed after spotting some competitors decked out in full midsummer attire, although their optimism was to be rewarded as the day became more clement with every hour that passed.


Goodies and mid- round snacks were handed out on the first tee, where we were greeted by Dawn, Nicole and Nora. Displayed centre stage was the Raleigh bike, the once again elusive prize for a hole in one on the 162 meter Par 3 14th Maybe next year?

This Tiger was to tackle the challenge of the green and blue combination in the company of Peter R and Seba, the latter who had recently achieved the thrill of an eagle on Otelfingen`s championship course Par 5 5th and so he was feeling confident of some good scoring as we began our round at 10.16 am.


It soon became evident that the rough was to become a factor in determining the round`s scores, as any wayward drive or iron would require the playing of a provisional and helped lend more credence to perhaps playing with those ecologically friendly balls offered by Dixons. The greens were also a feature, proving to play particularly quick, akin to playing on the surface a billiard table with the added test that they were not necessarily flat.

My front 9 was -let’s say – average and my playing partners were also having just one of those days. The frustration was evident when on the 140 meter par 3, 9th on the green course, the nearest the pin hole, one of the flight playing three off the tee hit their fourth into the greenside bunker, proving too much for the individual as he took a swipe at the grass, propelling a divot to within a few centimetres of the cup.


I too achieved what must be the accolade for the shortest drive of the day on the 15th or the 6th of the blue course propelling my ball with my Mizuno 5 wood all of 20 cm – The bloody tee went further!!!

Concluding our round bathed in sunshine, there was the welcome of some pain relief supplied by another one of our sponsors, The International Beer Bar in Zürich. I plumbed for a bottle of Brooklyn blast, which quickly made its name evident packing a punch at 8 pct proof.

Deciding to keep Ron company greenside as he snapped away recording the groups as they finished, he was keen to show the power of his recently purchased zoom lens. Spotting a hot air balloon around 1 km away he kindly informed us that there were four people in the basket, two men and two women and they were all drinking Heineken. Some lens!!


Strolling back to the clubhouse to change, we were greeted in the foyer by the people from Tee Off, who talked us through their set up in Schindellegi, with indoor golf simulators in a comfortable and relaxing environment. They are to host this year’s Golf4Fun winter indoor tournament season. The venue certainly looked impressive, and with the voucher for 1 hour`s free play supplied to Golf4Fun members , Dawn and I will check it out asap.

Apéro time, and with the sun`s warmth fast dissipating, tigers and rabbits moved indoors, where the club provided us with some great food and refreshments.


Being the season finale, there was plenty to get through with a sensational number of prizes to be won.

A very kind member, who will remain anonymous, who had realised that today was my birthday, kindly offered his spot prize to me should he win. I tried to tell him this was not necessary but he was having none of it. A few minutes later his name was picked from the pile of scorecards– and his prize?

Now for those of you that know me, the Bruce Willis / Yul Brynner look requires little maintenance and so the voucher won for a trip to the hairdresser would have proved a tad redundant to one that is so follicaly challenged. Lady Luck had definitely left the building.


The day drew to a close, with fond farewells and good wishes, and Nora receiving a standing ovation so richly deserved.

Congrats to all those winners out there, including our Tim, guess which award he walked off with! Looking forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming short golf game challenge at Golf Point Urdorf, and on the trip to Belek at the beginning of next year.


Finally, and it should always be said, thank you to all those that give up their time voluntarily throughout the year to make sure these events run so smoothly, and to all the sponsors who support the principle that Golf is 4 fun !!


See you in 2016 .

Peter Martin, Hopeful Tiger once again for 2016