I would like to take this point to say a final thank you to all our 2013 tournament sponsors – they gave us great prizes and aperos and have helped our little community to grow bigger and stronger. And what a role call they were:


Raleigh who gave us that chance to win an e-bike as well as bikes for the season final leaderboards. Who can forget the sight of either Freddie or Rainer hoisting those bikes victoriously over the heads!

Stamford Consultants & Die Mobiliar who not only made our Apero Riche events after each tournament possible but added lots of goodie at the start of each round as well. You can find out more about Stamford on their Official Partner Page

TaylorMade who signed on as our official Golf Equipment Partner and not only sponsored golf bags as prizes at each round but from each leaderboard a sets of RBZ irons were won! Memories of Jay and Nina at the season final Apero, with grins from ear to ear come to mind for me.

Transition Consulting Limited who came equiped with a seemingly unlimited supply of tees as well as great divot tools and superb towels as our main Goodie Bag Sponsor

Fin Bec Fine Wines who not only gave great wine as prizes but also organized wine tastings at several of the tournaments as well as complimentary tickets to the expovina wine ships and also the wine messe in Springtime. Don’t forget, all members get a 5% discount on Fin Bec’s great wines – you can see the details on their Official Partner Page

Swiss who gave us flights worth 800.- CHF, Swiss Golf Traveller memberships as well as logo balls for all or non tournament events and a great value deal when signing up for the SWISS Golf Traveller Package – you can see the details on their Official Partner Page

Neiss Bucher Architects GMBH who made the professional looking rollups possible and also added more log balls to the already swelled prize pot at each round

Koru Lounge & Cafe – Evelyn brought her own style and skills to a normally boring “sandwich & a piece of fruit” – the comments from players were always similiar- “the best mid round snack I’ve ever had”. All members get a 15% discount when they do inhouse or take away orders from Evelyn – you can see the details on their Official Partner Page

Golf Butler who not only gave us great prizes but also took us away to Piedmont, Ireland and soon we’ll be heading off to Belek with them aswell.

Webstudio Zimmerli – Marc Zimmerli who created the fantastic & professional looking site which is Golf4Fun – https://www.golf4fun.ch

Cosswiss who joined us during the year and brought skin care hampers as prizes for the ladies as well as much needed suntan cream on several of the rounds also

Savognin BergBahn, Sundrani, U’nique, Golf Import, Golfnow, Golfpoint Urdorf, Sibler, DaVinci Invest, PGA Pro Brian Murphy, Arosa Tourism, Valsana Hotel, Orell F├╝ssli and media partner Hello Switzerland all too deserve a big “Thank You” – their prizes and support in 2013 has made our little tournament series go from strength to strenght.

2014 is just around the corner and many of our existing sponsors have already commited to coming back to support us once more in 2014. Alongside them we have some new exciting sponsors who will be joining Golf4Fun in 2014 – all will be revealed in the Spring!