The KEY TO GOOD SHOTS is having an easy repeatable balanced swing. As we make our backswing, we set ourselves up to make the best possible downswing we can, but really once we are at the top and ready to swing down its just a matter of letting our body go and let it happen. If we are balanced gravity will naturally pull our arms and club down and thru consistently time and time again.

What i mean by being balanced is our arms and the club have been swung back by our body and are working together with it.

Set up without a club and make a backswing to the top of your swing. Hold for couple of counts, 1…2.., then without any concious effort, just let your arms fall down and watch where they naturally swing. Do they swing out to the right straight ahead to your imaginary target or to the left. As you do this a few times it will provide you with a feeling and a picture of how your arms, and consequently the club, swing down and through the ball. Improve your ball striking by letting you arms fall down and thru in a straight line to the target.

Practice this at home or before you go play to feel your arms naturally ‘drop’ down and swing forward to your target by letting gravity do the work for you to play your best golf!!

Enjoy your golf