Golf4Fun welcomes back FOCUSWATER as official Soft Drinks Sponsor for 2017

Golf4Fun is please to send you this boost of colours and positive vibes in announcing our continued collaboration in 2017 with FOCUSWATER, the all natural Swiss Vitamin Water drink.

Why? FOCUSWATER tastes good and hydrates your body! The beverage market is full of artificial and sugary drinks. FOCUSWATER offers a healthy solution without renouncing taste and important nutritional elements. It is a refreshing natural vitamin drink, that is low in calories. Produced by an independent Swiss company, it contains Swiss water. Whats the difference: 100ml of FOCUSWATER contain 3.9g of sugar which is a lot less than  conventional softdrinks  (12g/100ml). Even better news for those of you who are calorie conscious: 100ml of FOCUSWATER contains only 17 kcal and is therefore classified by the health laws as ‘low calorie’.

FOCUSWATER is not only a great tasting drink but is also serves as a functional drink that contributes to a balanced and natural daily diet. Low in calories and rich in vitamins, this modern thirst quencher procures not only a pleasant drinking experience,  but in fact, the combination of 6 vitamins is unique in the Swiss beverage market. A half-liter bottle of FOCUSWATER alone covers at least 75% of the recommended daily dose of vitamins C, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12 for adults. Easy to drink, easily digestible… and utterly tasty! Fresh and flavoursome, FOCUSWATER is exempt of any artificial colouring, flavouring, sweeteners or preservatives… It is the natural choice for those who are health conscious and like to dehydrate with uncarbonated water without renouncing a little fruit flavour.

Join us for our 2017 tournaments where we will have a selection of their soft drinks at tournaments rounds and to win as spot prizes.