What comes in your mind when you hear Emmental and holes? Tasty cheese is true for most people, for those who joined the 6th tournament on sunday the answer might as well be „super delicate Golfcourse“.

The 47 hopeful starters!

The Golfclub Emmental offers some nice holes – good for scoring -, a lot of challenging holes – not so good for scoring – and beautiful views of the Emmental valley – good for the mind and soul, no matter the scoring.

The 3rd green as Andrea and her flight companions take aim.

And there is this one really spectacular hole. Number 6, called „Chrotte-Weiher“, the hole that Raleigh picked to give away the Hole-in-one prize. And what a choice: Like the name indicates the Green is right next to water, the sign says that men have to hit 167 meters to the middle of the Green, ladies 147 meters. What the sign doesnt tell is that the flag is what….150? 200? meters below the Teebox. Wayyyyy down. Makes the club choice a science of its own.

The view from the 6th tee box, the green far far below – a challenge indeed!

Well, lets try. Jürgen is first. „Get in the ho…. Fore!“ Luckily there is no flight at the fairway of hole number 3, where the ball lands. Too bad that the ball flew left, the length would have been perfect, a 90-degree-angle to the flag. Patrick is next. „Get in the ho… Fore!“ Would you believe it, the ball lies right beside the other one. Now it´s me, hitting from one terrace further down. „Dont aim left, dont aim left, dont aim left…, tschack….“ Oookay, it´s not left, in fact it´s in a good line for the flag, but my ball is so short, that it´s not even worth shouting at it. So no E-bike for us. At least this time.

Peter4The view from the 18th green looking back over the water and 18th fairway

PS: In the clubhouse Nora told us later at the Apero (yummy!!) that there was a hole-in-one and she saw it. Not at Number 6 tho, but Number 13, and none of our Fun-Golfers, but from another flight. Nevertheless the group gave him a big applause.
It is possible, folks, it is possible!!

Walter Wüthrich on the 13th green after his fantastic tee shot found the cup!

Andrea Neitzel, Hopeful Tiger 2013