“Fours seasons less the summer” – Round 2 2013 from the view of a potential Tiger

I’m sure for most participants, the thought of registering for the golf tournament in Gruyere was filled with promises of sun baked mountain tops and sun-kissed lakes.

Alas, the 26th May promised to be a day of four seasons less the summer.  The golf participants arrived in their numbers, some with trepidation as they gazed at the grey sky and felt the chill in the air.

Nonetheless the tournament in Gruyere fulfilled its promises despite the additional challenge of the weather.

The first tee off kicked off at 10am and what a start. Hole 1 was both picturesque and breath-taking with a great vantage point from the Tee box and with the green meeting the edge of the cliff – there goes the strategy of taking one club longer to be safe.
And so the flights took off with seamless precision.

We were greeted at hole 8 by friendly faces and a delicious spread of sandwiches, drinks, cakes and chocolate bars. A tempting and delicious half way minus one break!

After a short cloud-bust which delivered some tiny hailstones, the afternoon was mostly cloudy but dry.

A well-deserved warm shower after the long day in the cold was a true delight, perfectly followed by an array of very palateable Swiss wines for tasting from one of our sponsors Fin Bec Fine Wines and a delicious array of appetizers.


Despite the challenging weather conditions, the second round of the Tournament showed vast improvements in both the Brutto and Netto points. Champion, or should I say championess of the day was Alison who, with an impressive handicap of 1.6, came in to win first prize with 26 Brutto points. The top men was a tie with Patrick Knab and Antti Putkonen with 21 Brutto points. Congrats to all participants and to the winners of the respective categories, with thanks as always to our generous sponsors.

Until the next tournament at the end of June.. this time hopefully in the sun!

Theresa Patricios, hopeful Tiger 2013!