Chateau Chillon joins once again in 2016 as an official Golf4Fun sponsor


Golf4Fun is happy to welcome Chillon Castle back once again in 2016 as an official sponsor of the 2016 Golf4Fun Tournament Series.

Chillon Castle is an architectural gem, magnificently nestling between Lake Geneva and the mountains. A visit to Chillon is like a journey back in time. Each room reveals part of its history, letting your imagination transport you to the Court of Savoy or to the everyday life of the local governors of Bern.

Don’t miss the temporary exhibition taking place from 29 April to 21 August 2016: “1816-2016 Byron is back! Lord Byron’s return” to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Lord Byron’s visit on 26 June 1816 to Chillon Castle, the place that inspired one of his most important poems – The Prisoner of Chillon.