Alsace, Remembered

(With apologies to all Poets, past, present and future)

Oh Alsace, Alsace,

How I well up with joy,

When I remember thee!

First came to you on August 12,

To test your glorious links,

Remember those greens?

Swathes of putting surface,

With undulations to match,

God! I remember those.

Practice complete, off to refresh

And Mulhouse gathered us in.

Remember, no Sat Nav.

Lodgings found, no marital strife,

Golden nectar awaited,

Oh remember the bouquet!

Gewürztraminer, Roussillon,

S-car-go, steak au poivre,

Must remember the water.

Time for cheese,

Yes its fkin monster Munster time!

Laugh aloud, always remembered.

Early to retire,

Big day beckons morn,

Remember, set the alarm.

Basler Baggers,

Vs G4Funners,

 A match to remember?

G4F Black and red,

Basler slightly Ad Hoc.

Underpants remembered? Check

Sun beating down,

Nerves a jangle.

Remember –Not out of bounds!

Four ball better ball,

Afternoon Greensomes,

Please remember the rules.

The planet turns, the sun slides,

8-6 to the Baggers,

Remember my ½ point skip.

Apero tasty, much enjoyed,

Not too much though,

Remember I’m driving.

A great weekend,

And much thanks to the Baggers,

But remember –We will be back !

Peter Martin, Hopeful Tiger 20177