Check out the great tips from our resident Swiss, British & Irish PGA Pro Brian Murphy!


  • Be as consistent and long as Tiger Woods

    In his starting posture from the ground up, he is evenly balanced over his feet across the foot arch, slightly bent in his knees, engaging the big muscles in the leg, calf, hamstrings and quadriceps. This then allows him to tilt slightly forward from the hips on top of his Read more →

  • How to get a Good Shot

    The KEY TO GOOD SHOTS is having an easy repeatable balanced swing. As we make our backswing, we set ourselves up to make the best possible downswing we can, but really once we are at the top and ready to swing down its just a matter of letting our body Read more →

  • Golf Swing

    Do we make a golf swing or do we make a golf hit!!??? The way we move the club around our body draws out a circle or a plane, circles do not have any definitive start and end so it flows and swings. If we make a hit swing it Read more →

  • The Driver

    The Driver is used to create maximum distance while getting in the fairway. We tend to get out of position to try hit the ball with this longer club. All thast is needed is to create a good set up to encourage a more natural efficient swing. All that is Read more →

  • Putter Transition

    Looking to make a smooth transition from the ‘Anchored Putter’ to regular, via the hands and wrists the putter makes up one unit with the arms so how we anchor that unit for optimum movement, we can’t have mobility without stability, anchor your triceps, the muscles in the upper arms Read more →