Golf4Fun is a non profit golfing community which works on the good will of everyone who is part of the group. For many events and especially the tournaments, we are reserving space at a company which has costs associated with it. Therefore the following terms and conditions apply to all events including golf tuition/courses & tournaments, which have a cost associated with them:

Cancellation Policy All events have an own cancellation policy which is specified on the event itself. When you register for an event, you are confirming that you agree with the cancellation policy (of the registration) specified on the event itself. On receiving a registration from a member, Golf4Fun will make a reservation with the venue for the member who has registered. Reservations are only guaranteed after receipt of payment up to the maximum number of places per event. To cancel a registration, members must do so by email.

Non Attendance at an event If you do not cancel your registration and fail to attend an event, you are still liable for payment of the event costs associated with the event. These are clearly stated on the individual events details section.

Minimum participation When there is a minimum number of participants required, you will find the details of this on the event details form. Golf4Fun has the right to cancel an event when the minimum number of participants is not reached within 48 hours of the event itself, except in the case of tournaments.

Event Registration Every participant must complete an own registration for an event they wish to attend.

Payment Payment is required in advance from all participants and the reservation associated with that registration is not confirmed until payment in full has been received.

General Conditions

  • Golf4Fun reserves the right to change the details of an event due to unforeseen, unavoidable circumstances or force majeure.
  • Rules of the R & A Golf Club, St. Andrews as well as local club rules apply.
  • It is everyone’s own responsibility to have own private liability insurance.
  • All photographs taken by Golf4Fun photographer during tournaments/aperos are the property of Golf4Fun.