Start you ENGINEs

welcoming ENGINE Gin to the 18th Green – Sept 17th 2017

The brain child of Marcel Sutter, Tony Z’Graggen and Cla Corey –  ENGINE Gin is a new Swiss Gin taking the market by storm.

Distisuisse Gold Medal Winner – “Best Newcomer Gin 2015/16″

Wondering how it tastes? Read on for tasting notes and details of a fantastic tasting opportunity for the golf4fun’ers

Gin & Tonic Reviews ENGINE Gin – 40%

Nose – Juniper\Wet Earth\Citrus

Neat – Time pour some of this into our internal motor and fire everything up, its juniper and coriander leading the way forward in this oily thick liquid. Hints of lemon oil touch every part with a hint of floral just there to soften things, all this leads to smooth heat with a touch or earthiness couple with some herby flavours as well. Everything works in harmony like a good engine should with the juniper and spices hanging around once you switch the motor off that manages to remain not to dry and not too bitter.

G&T – Well firing the motor back up with a slug of tonic in the equation means with start with a sour citrus before the juniper and spices kick back in to take over, everything balances really well and generate a really addictive tang. A greeny herbaceous comes through with hints or orange before more of that fresh pine need taste comes through and the longer it runs the more bitter things get. Again there is still that thick texture as well and as before you left with the juniper pine flavour but this time it’s the citrus that stays with it; we garnished this with some orange peel.

Well this certainly stands out on the shelf and given its name it certainly is an engine to power most people through the evening, it’s got a classic juniper taste coupled with some great additions that create a really full bodied well balance drink. Everything works together and it’s certainly work drinking both neat and in a G&T as it will lubricate your internal motor, we think that it would be ideal in the summer to just engine in the sun.

Opportunity to Try: Season Final Sept 17th 2018, 18th Green, served cold through their signature Ice Block – See you all there!!!