Rules & Etiquette Course in German


Dates: Part 1: Nov 26th 6pm – 8pm, Part 2: Dec 1st 11am – 1pm., Exam: At time/date to suit you.

Course Language: German.

Time to hit the classroom for this three hour course which will take you through the rules of the game which are held dear by golfers all over the world. Armed with your own copy of the rules book in your language to study in your own time, our instructor will introduce you to the various rules which govern the game of golf on the golf course. This is a required certification which is needed to complete your Platzreife..

Course Objectives

  • Learn the rules of Golf.
  • What are water hazards and what happens when I end up in one?
  • Who should play first and how should I dress?
  • What is etiquette and how does it affect me?
  • Finish with a 30 minute multiple choice exam*.

*Certification is recognised by all swiss golf clubs including Migros & ASGI.

Duration: 3 hours plus 30 mins multiple choice exam
Cost: 150.- CHF
Min 2 participants, max 4 participants

Dates: You will need to attend both of the following sessions and then the exam will be done at a time/date which suits you – please choose all that suit when registering below.

Tue 26th Nov 18:00 – 20:00
Sun 1st Dec 11:00 – 13:00

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