Writing here, for what is now the third time of asking, to offer a players point of view of our day at Steisslingen was always going to present a challenge. Thankfully however with Golf4fun there is never a lack of material.


Nora’s quest for immortality advanced another step, following on from last season’s incredible good fortune with the weather, the O’Sullivan high pressure phenomena moved into place over southern Germany dead on cue, blessing us with a cloudless sky and spectacular views of the snowcapped Alps to the south.

The recent rains we had had over Easter had resulted in a course that looked green and lush, and the greens looked in great condition considering the snow that had blanketed the course for long periods over the winter. The best point about playing this course in April is the rough, or rather lack of it, as it has not yet reached its usual ball swallowing lengths resulting in my golf bag weighing 0.5 kg less.


Dawn and I had driven up the day before to play the 6-hole course, allowing me to practice and after playing the circuit three times all looked good with my game for the big day.


Sixty souls gathered on the Sunday morning, an impressive number for a seasons opener and encouraging with a fair number of new faces in the crowd, lowering the odds for a potential hole in one winner of the magnificent bike supplied by Raleigh. Some of us seasoned veterans have all but given up with the pin placement they have on the par three 12th and so the prospect of a newcomer taking the prize was a possibility. Alas, it was not to be, but we can all have another go at it come July when the tour returns for a second bite at the cherry.


Dawn and Nora were busy sorting us out with goodies etc… on the first tee and with the warm sunshine the vitamin water supplied by our new soft drinks sponsor, Focus Water would ensure no hydration problems and maybe the vitamins would help.

My flight partners were Alison and Corrine, immediately placing me in a positive mind set, as I would be inspired by playing with a single digit handicapper and the fact that I would never lose the honour on the men’s tee.


Well, needless to say the best laid plans …………..My round was mixed to say the least. Thanks to the tamed rough I managed to cling onto my original ball till the 16th, and then proceed to lose a further two before making it back to the clubhouse. I remained contented though with the memories of the delicious mid round snack supplied by Evelyn and witnessing some awesome play by Alison and seeing a new pain free Corrine win the ladies longest drive on the 10th.


Having played in the third flight out in the morning, there was plenty of time to relax on the clubhouse balcony, have a cold beer and work on the tan, then shower and change for the Apèro. A great effort by the tourists ensured that the times between flights remained tight in most cases allowing the prize giving and nosh beginning without the need for artificial light.

Congratulations to all the winners and   many thanks to the sponsors for the more than generous prizes on offer.


Looking forward now to Spring break, May 08th – 11th when some of us travel south to La Pinetina in Italy, to tackle the Grappa lake and hopefully play some golf.

Then it’s onto Gams on 31st May for the next round of the season’s tournament series, and hopefully with a new course there will be new luck.

 Gun tèid leat

Peter Martin, Hopeful Tiger 2015