As the title suggests Gams golf course is just that! Once again Nora had been out with the goats blood and candlewax to ensure another perfect sunny day for a Golf 4 fun event magically slotted in between two washouts.

As well as the friendly round it was the location to test our two singles knock out competition finalists. Jay was sporting a positive set of strides, and Bob as always looking the consummate professional as they both whizzed a couple down the first at 11.00 am.


During their post-match press conference –that’s yours truly asking how it went — it transpired that after the front nine it was a close run thing with Bob just with his nose in front. Things were to turn in Jays favour as he took just 37 hits on the inward nine to win 2and1 , just going to show how well Bob played as well , but was unlucky to play a man that was on the day on top of his game. Congratulations Jay.

Whilst the course was being dissected by those two a further three flights followed to play an unfamiliar links. The first factor that became obvious was the amount of water hazards placed strategically to catch out any errant shots, as I discovered on the second dogleg Par 4 , managing to place two consecutive golf balls in the drink — BLOB !


There is certainly no danger of slow play at Gams , as it seemed the rangers were everywhere speeding around in their buggies ensuring there were no delays and we all managed to get in after four and a quarter hours.

Mark B was once again on hand to verify the scorecards, and after a beer and a wienerli   it was Robs girlfriend Catherine taking first spot with 43 points. (Those two are going to have to get a larger trophy cabinet at this rate) and second place to Marcel on 40 points.


The clubhouse has to get a mention here as the staff made us feel most welcome with excellent service and the seating and view from the terrace are a bonus. The Secretariat also outdid themselves and it’s great that Nora has managed to secure the course as one of next seasons tournament series venues.

 I left Gams as a very contented golfer and look forward to playing it again next year , but give apologies to Garage Zimmerman for drowning two of their kindly donated golf balls.

 Peter Martin, hopeful Tiger 2014