Golfclub Owingen-Ueberlingen – how it was on the day

At the end of the season, and a first time visit to a new course. I wasn’t prepared.


Golfclub Owingen-Ueberlingen is just over an hour from Zürich, around the top of the Bodensee. With a par of 73 (4 par 3s and 5 par 5s), it was going to be a little different to the norm. I turned up late, and tired, but ready for some fun in the improving afternoon weather. The 1st is a par 5, needing negotiation of both a ditch across the fairway, and another water hazard short left of the green. My bogey putt was a weak one, and it took the break – away from the hole.


On the front nine, there followed (in no particular order) 2 par 3s, five dog-legs, and just one straight hole where your drive was blind and your approach to the green uphill so you can’t see the bottom of the flag. Six of the nine greens on the front 9 cannot be seen at all from the tee. Trust in your golf game is a must. Good judgement too. I didn’t have mine with me! Still, the greens were in excellent condition, and my putting was starting to show signs of improvement.


The 10th is all uphill, with another blind shot to a wickedly sloping green. Take a moment to recover from the climb when you get to the 11th tee – the highest point, and best view on the course. The back 9 has its share of dog legs too, but out-of-bounds is the killer on a number of holes; 11, 12 and 14 in particular. The finish is long. 16 and 17 are both par 5s.


It was great to face a relatively easy finishing hole – although over water to the green – before packing the car and heading to the 19th for some well-earned refreshment. Suffice to say, it didn’t take long to count my stableford points that day!

It is different, and may not be everybody’s favourite, but it is enjoyable as well as a challenging course. If you’re playing it for the first time, and you don’t bring your ‘A-game’ with you, be prepared to do as I did – put it down as a practice round for your 2nd visit!

Jay Gilbert, King Tiger 2013