Golf4Fun welcomes Die Mobiliar in new Partner deal with great % discounts for members


Golf4fun is proud to welcome Die Mobiliar, the oldest private Insurance and Pensions company in Switzerland, not just as a Gold Sponsor for our tournament series! Golf4Fun is pleased to announce that from July 2013 onwards, all Golf4Fun members will receive a 20% discount on Contents Insurance as well as a 10% discount on Car Insurance. And no you don’t just have to be a low HCP player to receive these benefits – Golf4Fun’ers of all levels from the absolute beginners to the seasoned pro’s can now

for this great offer. Alongside these two great offers, Golf4Fun members can also benefit from tailored packages across a range of products which suit them best, with % discounts guaranteed to all members.

And the news just keeps getting better: Run as a cooperative, Die Mobiliar gives back profit sharing to all of its members! So when you sign up for either Household or Car Insurance with Die Mobiliar you not only receive a great discount offer, you also benefit from being one of the many happy customers of die Mobiliar who receive profit sharing of CHF 140.- million.


Die Mobiliar welcomes Golf4Fun members to Switzerland! The oldest private insurance company in Switzerland, Die Mobiliar has been legally structured as a cooperative since 1826 and therefore its customers participate in the successes of Die Mobiliar, receiving perodic profit sharing payments from the surplus fund accrued by the company. Die Mobiliar provide their customers with a range of Insurance and Pension solutions:

      MobiCasa – Household and buildings insurance. For a feeling of security at home and when you’re away.
      MobiCar – Vehicle insurance. Optimal protection on all roads.
      MobiTour – Travel insurance. For business and holidays.
      MobiLife – Pure risk life insurance. For financial security against the imponderabilities of life.
      Protekta – Legal protection insurance. Being right and winning your case.
      MobiSana – Health and accident insurance. So that illness or accidents don’t cause financial worries.
      MobiPro – Business and premises insurance. The protection that entrepreneurs need.
      MobiTop – Corporate insurance. Customised solutions in property, liability, transport and technical insurance for medium-sized and large companies.
      MobiJeunes – Insurance for young people. Enjoying life – with a feeling of security.
      Mobi24 – Call-Service-Center. Connected with Swiss Mobiliar 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
      JurLine – Hotline for legal information.

Contact Pino Dellolio and his team using the contact form to ensure you get the best deal for you and your family.

Jenny receiving her 1st prize for her Brutto scoring at Round 3 Bad Bellingen Quellenhof course from Beat Herzog who having worked for Die Mobiliar for 20 years is currently the General Manager running the Basel office of Die Mobiliar with 50 employees covering both premiums and claims.
Corinne reciving her prize of a Taylormade Golf Bag presented by Pino Dellilio who has also worked at Die Mobiliar for 15 years who currently work with Business and Key customers.