Courtesy of our official Wine Parter, Golf4Fun members can receive complimentary entry tickets to the

Expovina Primavera

which takes place from March 27th until April 3rd 2014:

For those of you who are interested, we will meet on Friday 28th March at 6:30pm at the entrance to Puls5 and have an introduction to the great wines from Fin Bec.

Interested: Simply click on the above Partner Offer to order your complimentary tickets and join us on 28th March at 6:30pm.

No registration required for this event, in the event you request tickets, you will receive an email a few days before the event reminding you of the time and place we will meet.

About Fin Bec Fine Wines!

“Wine is our true passion. We, at Fin Bec, are continually in search of perfection, determined to offer only the finest quality, which defines our name. Fin Bec: A good life, a connaisseur, and a gourmet! The worldly aspect of The Rhone has inspired our creation of these two unique blends, Fin Bec Mer and Fin Bec Terre. This unique collaboration developed through the combination of the diversity of vines cultivated along the Rhone, and the expertise of two wine enthusiasts, Yvo Mathier and Jane Masters.

With the Fin Bec range of Classics and Specialties, the special grape varieties and soils of the Valais are brought to light”.