Helping players of all abilities achieve their goals.

Whether you're just starting out as an absolute beginner, progressing through the stages to get ready for your Platzreife exam, want to take your Platzreife or improve your HCP - we have courses for all levels of players with our resident PGA Pro Kevin Cremer.

Not sure what level you can begin at? That’s okay, book a 15 minute consultation with Kevin our PGA Pro and he will advise you on which level will suit you best.

Introduction to Golf: Is Golf a sport for me? (90 mins)
Player ability: Absolute beginner with curiosity
Course Overview: Not sure if you want to commit to playing Golf but would like the opportunity to try the sport out? Ever wanted to try golf as a sport but don't know what to do next? What is a "Platzreife" anyhow and how do I get one?
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PR Certification Course (16 hour intensive course)
Player ability: Those who wish to achieve the Swiss PR during Spring 2017
Course Overview: Learning the basic techniques in short and long game, claim your first successes on the golf course and pass the practical handicap certification of the Swiss Golf Association (ASG).
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Little Birdies
Player ability: This program is designed for parents seeking to get their toddlers, ages 3 to 6, started in the game of golf.
Course Overview: The goal of this training is that these young talents gain coordination skills and self-control in a relaxed but structured environment. This is achieved and promoted by frequent play and above all making the game as much fun as possible.
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Junior Training
Player ability: This program is designed for parents seeking to get their children, ages 7 and above, enrolled on a golf junior training program.
Course Overview: Whether your child has already mastered the basics of golf and wants to progress to the next step in golf, or it will be their first opportunity to try out this fantastic sport. Join us on Sundays
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Rules and etiquette course (3 hours plus 30 min exam)
Language: German or English
Course Overview: Time to hit the classroom for this three hour course which will take you through the rules of the game which are held dear by golfers all over the world. Armed with your own copy of the rules book in your language to study in your own time, our instructor will introduce you to the various rules which govern the game of golf on the golf course. This is a required certification which is needed to complete your Platzreife.
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Weekly Training
Player ability: All levels of players.
Course Overview: Under the guidance of PGA Pro Kevin Cremer, we focus on what is the most important part of golfing - practise. Sign up is not mandatory - arrive early on the day to secure you place. Training runs on Sunday mornings at 1:30pm all year around. Cost:30.- CHF incl. balls.
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