Bad Alvenau and oh what weather we had…June 2014


Having researched the weather the night before and waking up to heavy rain brought back memories of the last time that Golf4Fun went to Bad Alvaneu for a friendly round, at that time the driving range was closed due to a landslide caused by a lot of rain. A quick check of the club webpage and webcam confirmed that the course was open and that there appeared to be no standing water on the course and in fact a hardy individual was already out playing.


 Of the 14 people that signed up only two cancelled due to the poor weather, so the original 4 flights were rearranged into 3 fourballs. It was a day for millionaires golf as we were the only 3 groups out playing, unsurprising as the rain showed no signs of abating nor did it, other than Jay and Karin, who were playing their Matchplay round, pretty much everybody gave up trying to keep score after about the 6th hole. After 9 holes Pedro and James decided enough was enough, or saw sense, and retired to the clubhouse, the remaining hardy, or perhaps foolhardy, souls continued to complete the 18 holes. Around the 13th hole Mark Johnston rather rashly asked if it could rain harder to which Mother Nature duly responded by demonstrating that it could rain harder.


Despite the weather, everybody enjoyed the round the fantastic scenery at Bad Alvaneu and the post round drinks discussion centered around arranging a second trip to hopefully play when the sun is shining. Two days later and the head covers and golf shoes have just about dried out :-).

Mark Broughton, Hopeful Tiger 2014